lundi 18 août 2014

FNB Joburg Art Fair

LagosPhoto presents the exhibition "Documenting Fiction" at the FNB Joburg Art Fair, 22-24 August, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Participating artists include Jenevieve Aken (Nigeria), Namsa Leuba (Switzerland), Cristina de Middel (Spain), Karl Ohiri and Riikka Kassinen (UK/Finland), and Patrick Willocq (France).

Documenting Fiction examines contemporary photographers working in Africa who negotiate the boundaries and relationships between photography, beliefs, and truths. Incorporating conceptual and performative practices that expand traditional photographic approaches and techniques, many contemporary artists working on the continent move beyond the confines of the photojournalistic gaze.
Documenting Fiction considers how these artists imagine different futures and charter fictive worlds, using photography as a catalyst to investigate the changing realities of Africa today.

©Patrick Willocq

mercredi 23 juillet 2014

The Art of Fashion Photography, Prestel, p. 28-33

©dario catellani

©namsa leuba - The Art of Fashion Photography

Haute Africa, People photography fashion, Lannoo, p. 40- 45

©jim naughten

©namsa leuba - Haute Africa People photography fashion

Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival, p. 6, 32, 34

©Charles Fréger

©namsa leuba - contact festival Toronto

©namsa leuba (à gauche)- contact festival Toronto

mardi 8 juillet 2014

Talk Market Photo Workshop

"TALK" Market Photo Workshop

Namsa Leuba
On Thursday July 10th 2014
at 1pm

Market Photo Workshop
2 President St,
Johannesburg 2001
South Africa

mercredi 14 mai 2014


Foto festival KNOKKE HEIST

from March 30  to July 9
Exhibit Ya Kala Ben - Namsa Leuba

Haute Africa Namsa Leuba

For Contact, now is the time to take risks

Sunday, May 4, 2014 TORONTO STAR/ E3

Mocca festival Contact namsa leuba

vendredi 11 avril 2014

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography festival Toronto

Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
Exhibits my work Ya Kala Ben and the African queens
David Favrod
Charles Fréger
Hendrik Krestens
Namsa Leuba
Merly McMaster
Dominique Rey
Tomoko Sawada
Mary Sibande

May 1–June 1 2014

952 Queen St W 
Toronto M6J 1G8

Tue–Sun, 11–6pm

namsa leuba exhibits at MOCCA

namsa leuba exhibits at MOCCA

samedi 15 mars 2014

Fashioning Africa - Museum of African Design

Exhibit The African Queens, Namsa Leuba

Opening on Wednesday 19th of March 2014

On view: 20 March 2014 – 27 April 2014
Following the success of Native Nostalgia, the museum’s next exhibition, “Fashioning Africa”, is set to bring some of the continent’s most exciting contemporary designers to Johannesburg. The multidisciplinary exhibition explores the history of African fashion and surveys the current landscape of fashion in Africa.
Furthering MOAD’s key objective to become a platform to present pan-African design to South Africa, 12 African countries will be represented in the exhibit, which will feature a 30m functional winding catwalk. The catwalk, a central guide, will feature a series of mannequins, with designer stories and photography. A number of broader stories and histories – waxprint, beadwork, les sapeurs – enable the catwalk experience to become part of a larger narrative in Africa’s history and future. A key intention of the exhibit is not only to celebrate the vibrant range and facets of fashion that Africa has to offer, but to create a contemporary look at the success of African fashion on the global stage.
Participating designers include Mille Collines (Rwanda), Kreyann (Cameroon), Sophie Zinga (Senegal), Intisaar (Zimbabwe), Project Mental (Angola), Ituen Basi (Nigeria), Maki Oh (Nigeria), Laduma Ngxokolo (South Africa), Daniele Tamaguni (Congo/Italy), Anna Ngann Yonn (Cameroon/ Paris), Mikuti (Kenya/ USA), Namsa Leuba (Guinea/ Switzerland), Kluk CGDT (South Africa), ChiChia (London/Tanzania), David Tlale (South Africa), Jared Hurwitz (South Africa) and Jim Chuchu (Kenya).
The exhibition runs from 20 March – 27 April.
Admission : R 30
Museum opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm